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Car Key Clamp SN-CP-JJ-01 


  • Major jaw for SEC-E9
  • For car keys fixing and cutting
  • Fix standard keys and laser keys
  • To do calibration must use this clamp firstly
  • Can add other aided fixture on it to complete different types of keys cutting


1. How to fix

Place to fix keys                                         Standard Keys in Upper Storey            Laser Keys in Lower Storey                        Calibration Block in Upper Storey                                                                   

2. How to calibrate #1 Automotive Key Clamp on SEC-E9 Key Duplicating Machine:

In order to teach you step by step how to do calibration, we make a vedio tutorial as below:   


This Car Key Clamp is composed by front-block and post-block made of by 45# quenched and tempered steel (see Wikipedia Hardened Steel ) with highly wear-resisting intensity. It’s achieving locking and unstuck by the screw of positive and negative rough thread screw, and use two cylindrical linear guide which is GCr15 surface and Chrome-plated as the drive axis. GCr15 material is with the characteristics of high hardness, good abrasion performance, high contact fatigue properties, to ensure the elastic positioning accuracy of the fixture block in #1 and #2 Clamp. While some of other similar fixtures only use ordinary steel or 45# steel. The base of the fixture is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, light and practical. The entire fixture is dovetail structure and perfectly matched with machine’s dovetail groove, make it locking appropriate and easy to disassemble the demolition, that’s the general similar fixture can not compared with.

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