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Tubular Key Clamp SN-CP-JJ-04


Introduction of Jaw:

This Car Key Clamp is mainly composed by the front-block, post-block, clamp base, handle, elastic axis, spring. The two blocks is made of 45# quenched and tempered steel, the V-type design of the post-block fully taking into account the characteristics of the cylinder key: the spring and elastic axis in V-type post-block, combined with V-groove, to ensure the stability of the cutting.  

How to Calibrate #4 Tubular Key Clamp on SEC-E9 Key Machine:

When you need to cut Tubular Keys through SEC-E9, you should firstly do calibration for the #4 Single Sided Key clampls.(Usually you should do calibration work for a certain time to keep the key machine always cutting out high precision keys, such as one time per month.)   In order to teach you step by step how to do calibration, we make a vedio tutorial as below: