9 tips to maintain your key cutting machine

The key copy machine is one of the tools necessary for the locksmith, it can be copied according to the customer sent a key, copy another exactly same key, fast and accurate. So how to maintain the machine to make it longer service time?


There are many types of key duplicators sold on the market, but the principles and methods of reproduction are similar, so this article can be applied to all modles. The maintenance methods described in this reference also apply to the models you have.


1. Check screws

Often check the fastening parts of the key cutting machine, ensure the screws, nuts are not loose.


2. Do clean work

In order to extend the service life also keep the accuracy of the key cutting machine, you should always do a good job in cleaning work. Always remove the chippings from the clamp after processing every key duplication, to ensure that transmission mechanism is smooth and fixture positioning is accurate. Also pour out chippings from crumb tray in time.


3. Add lubricating oil

Often add lubricating oil in the rotation and sliding parts.


4. Check cutter

Frequently check the cutter, especially the four cutting edges, once one of them was damaged, you should change it timely so to keep every cutting to be accurate.


5. replace carbon brush periodically

Usually key cutting machine use DC motor of 220V/110V, carbon brush is in the DC motor. When the machine cumulatively operate over 200 hours, it’s the time to check the damage and wear. If you see the carbon brush is only 3mm length, you should replace a new one.


6. Driving belt maintenance

When the drive belt is too loose, you can release the fixing screw of the machine top cover, open the top cover, release the motor fixed screws, move the motor to the belt elastic proper position, tighten the screws.


7. Monthly check

It is recommended to conduct a comprehensive check every month with the key machine performance status, to do a calibration for clamps.


8. Parts replacement

Remember to contact the factory where you buy your key cutting machine from to get the original parts. If your cutter is broken, you must get a new one from the same factory, to keep it match with the axis and the whole machine.


9. Working outside

Before go out, you shall do a clean work to remove all the chippings. Lay flat your machine and keep steady. Don’t let it inclined or upside-down.


Note: When doing maintenance and repair work for the machine, you must unplug the power plug; In the repair with the key machine circuit, it must be carry out by a registered electrical certificate of professionals and technical personnel.