Christmas Party & Monthly Birthday Party together

This Christmas we also had a Christmas Makeup in our company!

And a birthday party as usual for employee on December!

We spent the two activities together on 23th December.

In this winter, there are 6 friends joined our family. And 11 guys had birthday on December.

Santa Claus dressed in Christmas color, accompanied by merry Christmas music debut,

there were birthday cake, peace fruit, Christmas tree decorated with Christmas socks, which buried various gifts.

Every birthday person made a wish, and pick a liked Christmas socks, and get a gift from Santa Claus.

Then everyone in our whole family get their own gift one by one decide by lot. Everyone had a smile on their face, and everyone got a gift.

Hunan Kukai Electromechanical Co., Ltd. with all staff wish everyone safe and healthy, everything goes well. Happy 2018!