How to upgrade your Alpha machine to Alpha Pro version

Some customers who already have Alpha machine are interested in newly added features of Alpha Pro, in this case, you don’t need to pay for a new machine but can consider to purchase a new Alpha Pro board to replace the old Alpha board, then your Alpha machine has capacity to become Alpha Pro machine. If you are interested in it, please contact with sales about the board price. 

Below are the steps how to upgrade Alpha machine to Alpha Pro machine:

1. Export key data by USB if you need to keep the data under Favorites/Custom Key/Cutting history.

2. Tell us the original serial number and we will need to set up something in our background.

3. Delete the Alpha software from the Android screen.

4. Change to the new Alpha Pro board.

5. Contact with our technical supporter to get the Alpha Pro software and download to the Android screen.

6. Import key data by USB.

7. Do calibration based on S1 Automobile Jaw or S2 Single Sided Jaw again.

8. Check if the cutter is clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation?

A. If your cuter is clockwise rotation, that means your machine is in normal situation and you can do further check if the machine can work well.

B. If your cuter is anti-clockwise rotation, please contact with our technical supporter for assistance. After solving the problem of anti-clockwise rotation, you can do further check if the machine can work well.


Please feel free to contact with our technical supporter if you face any problems during above steps. 


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1. How to import and Export key data by USB in Alpha Pro machine

6. Alpha Pro 导入导出

2. The operation of S1 Automobile Jaw and S2 Single Sided Jaw calibration is a little different in Alpha and Alpha Pro key cutting machine.

Below is video links about calibration of Alpha Pro.

Alpha Pro: The 7th number is “6” or “9” in serial number. (e.g. E220036001 or E220039001)

Note: Please remember to calibrate Decoder-Cutter distance by S1 or S2.




New features in Alpha Pro:

1. key blade creation 

3. Alpha Pro 修胚完整版

2. Duplicate Multi-Track Internal Groove Key 

4. Alpha Pro 多轨内槽

3. Cut new Honda stainless steel keys