Kukai new arrival Beta automatic key cutting machine

Kukai new arrival Beta automatic key cutting machine

Hunan Kukai Electromechanical Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of key cutting machine, which is headquartered in Changsha city, Hunan Province. We provide a innovation key cutting solution for the discerning locksmith. Our main product is SEC-E9 key cutting machine,Alpha key cutting machine and new arrival Beta key cutting machine

Beta & Alpha & E9


A: A small display screen showing the machine working status

B: Working with APP (supporting Android and iOS)

C: Connecting APP with machine by Bluetooth

D: More stable and quicker upgrade

Beta key machine


1.Support to cut amlost car keys and some house keys

Including:automobile keys(standard & laser keys),Chinese car keys,motorcycle keys,dimple keys (Mul-T-Lock keys),tubular keys & single standard keys;

2.Support to cut new keys when lost the original keys;

3.Support to duplicate keys

Including: single standard,double standard,single external groove,double external groove,internal groove & tubular keys;

4.Twelve languages supported

Including English,Turkish,Russian,Polish,Vietnamese,Korean,French,German,Portuguese,Czech,Spanish & Italian;

5.Support to enter key data with different ways, E.g. manufacturer,model,year; key blank number;ID number;

6.Support using different ways to get bitting numbers,including Decode original key;Search by code; duplicate keys etc.


Key jaws for Beta key cutting machine

1.S1 4-way key jaw (Include standard package),

AB side for standard keys & dimple keys(Mul-T-Lock keys and dimple cutter, decoder is optional)

CD side for laser keys(HU162T,HU198T keys)

Beta key cutting machine 8

2.S2 Single standard key jaw(optional jaw)

Support to cut single-sided keys


3.S3 Tubular key jaw(optional jaw)

Support to cut tubular keys


4.S4 FO21 tibbe key jaw(optional jaw)

Support to cut Ford 6-cut & Jaguar 8-cut keys


Beta key machine is a good choose for your locksmith business, more portable,more convenient for mobile locksmith service

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