New arrival!!SX9 S6 Key Jaw For Alpha Key Cutting Machine

Dear customers,

Considering the needs of some customers, Kukai launched a new Jaw – SX9 Key Jaw(S6) in July 2020.

Suitable for Alpha key cutting machine, dedicated to cutting Citroen keys(for old citroen and peugeot keys).



About Alpha Key Cutting Machine——First four-way jaw for standard keys, laser keys and dimple keys(optional dimple decoder and cutter) in international market, no need extra samll jaws and gasket.


1.The first automatic key cutting machine that support to check missing teeth of ignition lock for Hu162T through teeth numbers of door lock, and vice versa, greatly improving the work efficiency for locksmith

2.AB side for laser keys (single external groove keys, single internal groove keys, double external groove keys, double internal groove keys and dimple keys), CD side for standard keys (double standard keys), no need extra small jaws.

3.New jaw and cutting system, better compatible with folding keys and smart card small keys, more convenient and versatile.

4.Latest original jaw design, to support to directly cut Volkswagen Audi HU162T key and Toyota and Lexus TOY2 key, no need small jaws.

5.Supports to Ford 6cut and Jaguar 8cut tibbe keys.


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