R & D department

Hunan Kukai Electromechanical Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of key cutting machine, which is headquartered in Changsha city, Hunan Province. We provide a innovation key cutting solution for the discerning locksmith. The products have been sold all over the world, such as the USA, Europe, Southeast, Korea and so on.

Today, we will introduce the R & D department!

Antechamber of Senpuluo 森普罗文化墙 Product Development Department 研发部3

The R&D department consists of the product R&D department and the technology R&D department.

R&D Department 1 研发部1 R&D Department 2 研发部2

the product R&D department:Product development is the actual manufacturing and development of product content. The product development department has three groups: structure group, software group, and application group.

They are mainly responsible for the development and R&D of key cutting machines, including appearance and software.


the technology R&D department:The Technical R&D Department consists of four people. Manager, hardware engineer, embedded engineer and UI design.

The manager is responsible for project overall management, departmental work arrangement and external work coordination;

The hardware engineer is responsible for project electronic and electrical principle and application design, electronic spare parts options, circuit function debugging, project performance testing, etc., responsible for company sales, production and after-sales electronic technical support;

Embedded engineers are responsible for mechatronics software programming, project function debugging, project performance testing, etc., and responsible for company sales, production and after-sales related technical support;

UI design is responsible for UI design, memory map production, and graphic design of the company’s business department and management department.