Steps to upgrade SEC-E9 -Tablet PC Version, USB connection

This instruction is only for SEC-E9 Tablet Version USB Connection, after upgrade, the software will be V13.0.1.8, database will be V15.09.

Pls kindly note that there is risk that screen system may break when update because its limited save memory

Please prepare a U disk 2.0 interface with a memory between 2G to 8G for E9 upgrade, and please make sure to turn off your computer’s antivirus software before downloading the upgrade package, otherwise, the upgrade pack may be dameged by antivirus software.


Please strictly follow the instructions below

Step 1: Please log in to our membership system.  (input your email address and password to enter login). You will see upgrade information in the home page. 


Step 2: Turn off your antivirus software, choose an upgrade package named after your own machine’s serial number and download to your USB disk.


Step 3: Put the mouse cursor on the upgrade file, click the the right mouse button and choose “unzip to current file”. You will get a folder named “AutoUpdate” (Please don’t revise the file name). Please make sure the folder is in the root directory of the U disk. In this way, your U disk is ready for upgrade.




Step 4: Turn on your E9 and enter the Home Page, and wait for 15 seconds. Please make sure you do the correct procedure: firstly turn on the power on machine, then turn on the power on tablet PC.


Step 5: Plug the U disk with “AutoUpdate” folder into one of rectangle USB connnectors behind the machine, and wait for 15 seconds.


Step 6: The system will automatically enter the upgrade process after U disk inserted, you just have toclick “Upgrade Now” button to start the upgrade.



Step 7: After the upgrade is complete, the system will automatically enter the operating software, pleaseunplug the U disk.