Upgrade for KUKAI Beta Automatic Key Cutting Machine Database Version to 16.43

Dear customers

We are pleased to inform that we will update the Beta automatic key cutting machine


Software version up to: V37

Database version: 16.43


 Newly added key data includes:

1. Improving vehicle list for Ford

2. Adding new data and code series for HU198T(IC card 1472)

3. Improving vehicle list for Geely (Chinese car) 

4. Improving vehicle list for Basic (Chinese car)

5. Improving vehicle list for Great Wall(Chinese car) 

6. Improving vehicle list for JAC(Chinese car) 

7. Improving vehicle list for Chery(Chinese car) 

8. Improving vehicle list for LiFan(Chinese car) 

9. Improving vehicle list for Brilliance Auto(Chinese car)





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