Upgrade for SEC-E9 Automatic Key Cutting Machine (Spain Version)

Software version up to: 52
Database version to :15.16
Newly added key data includes:

1.Mazda basic data(ID 1915)and key code.
2.Volvo basic data(ID 1420)and key code
3.ASSA basic data (IC Card 330)and key code
4.Ford HU101(7) Emergency key(ID 21167)
5.Kia KK12 key blank(IC card 1453)
6.Dacia HU179 blank(IC card 1891)
7.Hyundai basic data(ID 1414)
8.Toyota basic data(ID 1863)
9.Holden basic data (ID 1880)
10.Chevrolet basic data(ID 1538)
11.Volkswagen HU162T Basic data(ID 21165)
12.Renault VA2 Basic data(ID 1125)


Improved key data includes:

1.Improve Hyundai,Kia,Toyota,GMC,Jeep ,Fiat,Volvo,Cadillac,Citeron,Chevrolet,Peugeot,Acura,Dodge,BMW,Renault,menu.
2.Improve Schlage,Volvo,BMW(IC Card815),Schlage,Volvo,BMW(IC Card815),Chevrolet,GMC,Ford,Peugeot,Citroen,ASSA,Hyundai,Toyota,Mazda,Yamaha,Hino Truck,key code.
3.Improve Ford,Peugeot,Citroen menu:add new choice of manufacture year in and after 2015.
4.Change the cuts depth(IC Card 8.IC Card 828.IC Card 1141)