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SEC-E9 CNC Automated Key Cutting Machine SEC-E9 is all-in-one key cutting machine which can be easily operated by users steadily thanks to the state-of-art technique. It combines the mechanical and electronic precision to guarantee unique key cutting performances and quality.    Please scroll down to check the Comparison Chart for E9Ⅰ vs  E9Ⅱ vs  E9Ⅲ vs E9IV


  • Sec e9 is for overseas market with 10 different language for your option.
  • Locksmith apprenticesLocksmith specialists, auto repair shop, hardware store, 4S stores etc.
  • To cut various of keys for carsmotorcycles and doors.


Property Description
Item SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine
Category Automotive/Computerized
Weight 19.5KG Portable
Touch Screen 8.3 inch (Removable)
Multi-langurage English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Czech, Korean
Operating system Windows 8 Tablet PC
Support key type Car keys, motorcycles keys, truck keys, household keys, punch keys, dimple keys, tubular keys, tibbe keys
Database Built-in database
Update Online update
Key Clamps compatible with 11 clamps (default and optional in total)


1.  A new key can be cut by bitting number when original key is lost.
2.  Key bitting number can be got by key code. No need to search from Instacode.
3.  Various type of keys can be cut, vertical milling, flat milling, internal milling and external milling.
4.  Most of keys can be cut,including automobile keys,dimple keys,tubular key and single-sided house keys.
5.  Tibble keys(Ford and Jaguar ) and LDV keys can be cut
6.  Ten languages(English German French Italian Portuguese Spanish Turkish Czech Russian) can be shifted directly
7.  FCC, CE, SGS certification available
8.  Remote free updates and upgrades can be supported for lifelong

Quick Function:


Two ways to enter key data:

1. Search car manufacturer, model and manufacture year 2. Search key blank or IC card  

Three ways to get key cuts:

1. Decode original keys 2. Input key cuts 3. Search key code  

Feature of Hardware:

1. Equipped with both decoder and cutter. Decoding and cutting can be done at one time;
2. Spindle driven by two spindle belts; Powerful motor in 27w and 24V DC
3. 8.3" capacitive tablet PC as display screen, operate quickly;smoothly;removable,just one step for upgrade.
4. Ball screw to drive Z axis makes cutting powerful and in high precision;
5. Cross roller guided XY axis makes machine more stable and accurate;
6. One automobile key clamp supports to cut both standard keys and laser keys;
7. Replaceable clamp can be changed according to the key types;
8. Wide and bright LED light brings easily operation at night;
9. Light weight, small size, portable for mobile , easy to work outside.

Feature of Software

1. Support to cut a new key when original key is lost;
2. Can directly cut a key by key code;
3. Support to cut various types of keys, including vertical milling, flat milling, internal milling and external milling;
4. Support to cut automobile keys, dimple keys, tubular keys, and single-sided domestic keys.
5. FO21 Ford/Jaguar Tibbe keys, FO19 LDV keys, latest VA2 Renault laser keys, latest TOY2 Toyota/Lexus laser keys and BW9 BMW motorcycle keys are available to cut.
6. 4 levels of cutting speed are provided for your choice according to the material of key blank;
7. Automatic key measurement