New Arrival S8 Blade Modification Jaw for Alpha Pro

Optional key jaw for ALPHA Pro key cutting machine ——S8 Blade Modification Jaw   Purpose of  S8: 1. Create key head: convert regular keys into flip keys for use with the universal remotes (2.0mm cutter); 2. Create key horizontally and vertically: namely create the width and thickness of laser keys (2.0mm cutter); 3. Create circle on key head (optional 2.5mm cutter); 4.  Left groove (2.0mm cutter); 5. Right groove (2.0mm cutter); 6. Create key tip (2.0mm cutter); 7.  Toyota 80k series from 40k series key (2.0mm cutter); 8. Create middle groove on key side (optional 1.0mm cutter).   For example: if you need to work with a key blank(680 width and 230 thickness), but you have key blank(800 width and 300 thickness) at hand, you can use this function to create a key blank you need.   Advantage of this function: 1. You will not lose jobs due to lack of key blank 2. You don't need to purchase many kind of key blank   How to use it?   Note: This function are working on Alpha Pro machine that the 7th number is “6” or “9” in serial number. (e.g. E220036001 or E220039001)            How to create width and thickness by Alpha Pro key cutting machine  

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