KUKAI Alpha Automatic Key Cutting Machine

KUKAI Alpha automatic key cutting machine   1. Support to export and import data You can select to export the data under Cut History, Favorite or/and Custom Keys to USB disk according to your needs You can import the exported data to the re-downloaded APP and when to use? 1. Before delete and e-downloaded APP, such as change Android screen 2. Share data to other persons 2Support to cut Non-conductive keys Take HU66-ID: 909 (Bitting number: 33431222) as an example Note: If you don't have bitting number, you can login the serial number and code of your Alpha machine to APP and try to use "Photograph" function to decode Technical Parameter
Voltage DC24V/5A
Power 120W
Dimension 305(W) x 300(H) x 400(D)mm
Weight 16kg
Accuracy XY Axis: 0.0025mm,Z Axis: 0.00025mm
Spindle speed 12000+rpm 
Working temperature range  0-40° 
Working humidity range  10-90% 
Warranty Two years
Usage To cut automobile keys,residential keys,motorcycle keys,dimple keys,tubular keys,FO21 tibbe keys 
Please attention: 1. Strike,heavy and sharp things may damage the display screen; 2. Decoder is consumable item,easy to damage; 3. Don't throw or strike decoder casually; 4. KUKAI is not responsible for decoder damaged in any cases.   Feature of KUKAI Alpha key cutting machine 1. 7 inch industrial-grade display screen,runs smoothly 2. Adopted high-precision ballscrew for X, Y & Z axis,bringing higher repetitive positioning accuracy; 3. Adopted DC brushless motor for Z axis to control cutter directly,bring higher cutting precision and lower noise; 4. Portable for mobile , easy to work outside; 5. Equipped with tool box to place decoder, cutter, calibration block etc. ; 6. Lifelong free software upgrade ( 2-4 times per year) and 24-month machine warranty. 7. No battery, More safety; 8. Upgrade by WiFi or U disk 9. Two years warranty; 10. KUKAI Alpha is for overseas market with 13 different language for your option, including Czech, Turkish, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, French, English, Persian, German, Portuguese, Italian (standard), Russian, Polish ( Poland) etc.   Advantage of KUKAI Alpha key cutting machine 1. Support to cut automobile, Chinese car, residential, dimple & tubular keys etc. 2. The first 4-way jaw in the market support to cut laser & standard car keys & dimple keys (A part of Mul-T-Lock keys,dimple decoder and cutter is optional),NO need extra small jaws: AB side for laser keys (laser 4track internal , laser 2track external , laser 4track external , channel track , dimple) CD side for standard keys (double standard keys); 3. Built-in huge key database including more than thousands of key profiles and millions of key code datum: 86 international car brands, 50 Chinese car brands, 12 motorcycle brands, 196 single-sided house key brands, 14 kinds tubular key brands and 80 kinds dimple key brands. 4. New jaw and cutting system, better compatible with folding keys and smart card small keys, more convenient and versatile; 5. Latest original jaw design, to support to directly cut Volkswagen Audi HU162T key and Toyota& Lexus TOY2 key, no need small jaws; 6. The first automatic key cutting machine that support to check missing teeth of ignition lock for HU162T through teeth numbers of door lock, and vice versa, greatly improving the work efficiency for locksmith; 7. Support to directly cut a key by key code Can directly input the key code to find biting number for cutting in the machine 8. Available Progression Function It works know the “unknown bitting number” by the big base in Alpha, so it’s very help when you want to make key without knowing complete bitting numbers, especially when all keys lost, it will help you to work efficiently 9. Support to cut a new key when the original key is lost (All key lost) 10. Data search, including key blank search and IC Card search 11. Support to record key cutting history 12.Support to create new key profile by yourself , export data from current database, adjust space and depth to get a new key profile easily. So you can cut the keys are non-popular in global, but popular in your country. 13. Support to duplicate keys without key data in database.Including: Single standard keys; Double standard keys; Single external groove keys; Double external groove keys; Internal groove keys; tubular keys; double-track internal groove and triple-track internal groove (New function) etc. 14. Support to custom keys by yourself Including:single standard, double standard, single external groove, double external groove, internal groove,dimple keys and tubular keys etc. 15. Support to save the needed key data in favorite list There is no store limitation for favorite list, you can save the poplar key data or import customer information based on your needed, in this way, you can create your personal management system of data and customer. 16. Import and Export your cut history, Favorites, Customs key, save the keys you used and share information to others 17. Engraving text or image on a key, customized personalized logo 18. Decoding by photo, and get bitting number via original keys picture and cut a key directly 19. Five-star after-sales and technical support   Alpha key cutting machine Standard package 1 x 4-way jaw--Fixing standard keys,laser keys and dimple keys,Mul-T-Lock keys (dimple cutter and decoder is optional) 2 x 2.0mm Cutters--Key cutting tool 2 x Decoder--Key decoding tool 1 x Calibration block--Calibrating jaw 1 x Stopper--Guiding key reference position 2 x M3 bolt--Fixing keys on side C/D of S1 jaw 2 x M5 bolt--Fixing cutter and decoder 1 x 1.5mm L-wrench--Tightening M3 bolt 1 x 2.0mm T-wrench--Tightening M5 bolt 1 x 24v Adaptor with power cord--Power supply input 100~240V 50/60 Hz 2A;output 24V 5A 1 x Brush 1 x Product manual   Shipping Details Delivery time 1~3 working days after payment received (based on the quantity) Package size: 49cm*39cm*45cm Gross weight: 21kg Packing carton box or customized packing as your request . Please kindly refer to our regular packaging photos of Alpha machine on the right side   Hot sales for KUKAI Alpha key cutting machine Alpha automatic key cutting machine optional key jaws for your choose Two types car key jaws——S4 FO21 tibbe key jaw & S6 SX9 key jaw 1. S4 jaw FO21 Tibbe jaw (optional jaw)---Support to cut Ford 6cuts & jaguar 8cuts tibbe keys; 2. S6 SX9 jaw (optional jaw)--Support to cut SX9 citron keys   Three types house key jaws ——S2 single sided key jaw & S3 tubular key jaw & S7 new tubular key jaw 1. S2 jaw single standard jaw (optional jaw)---Support to cut single side keys,including: Schlage, Absa, Chubb, Kwikset etc. ; 2. S3 jaw tubular jaw (optional jaw)---Support to cut tubular keys,including: Beaver, Chicago, Sentry,R.O.C. etc. ; 3. S7 new tubular SAG jaw (optional jaw, should take a SAG key cutter)--Support to cut new tubular SAG keys   Other types of key jaws 1.  S5 jaw engraving jaw (optional jaw, should take a engraving key cutter)---Engraving function for letter & numeral & character & pattern. 2. New arrival S8 create blade key jaw (optional jaw, should take 0.5mm decoder and 1.0mm cutter) — Create the head, width and thickness of the metal key Comparison sheet for KUKAI SEC-E9 VS Alpha Pro  VS Beta key cutting machine Accessories & key jaws of KUKAI SEC-E9 & Alpha & Beta key cutting machine     KUKAI Alpha upgrade information(2023.3.31)
Database version to:16.49
Newly added key data includes:
1. Improving Mazda vehicle list Add Mazda 2 2014~ into vehicle list Add Mazda 3 2021~ into vehicle list Add Mazda 6 2016~ into vehicle list Add Mazda Atenza 2016~ into vehicle list Add Mazda Axela 2017~ into vehicle list Add Mazda CX-3 2020~ into vehicle list Add Mazda CX-30 2021~ into vehicle list Add Mazda CX-5 2020~ into vehicle list Add Mazda CX-9 2020~ into vehicle list Add Mazda Demio 2014~ into vehicle list Add Mazda Miata 2016~ into vehicle list Add Mazda MX30 2021~ into vehicle list Add Mazda MX5 2016~ into vehicle list 2.Improving Isuzu vehicle list Add Isuzu D-Max 2019~ into vehicle list Add Isuzu MU-X 2020~ into vehicle list Add Isuzu Sumo 2016~ into vehicle list 3.Improving Dodge vehicle list Add Dodge Challenger 2014-2018 into vehicle list Add Dodge Charger 2011-2018 into vehicle list Add Dodge Durango 2014-2015 into vehicle list Add Dodge Ram Pickup 2015~ into vehicle list Add Dodge Viper 2012-2017 into vehicle list 4.Improving Chrysler vehicle list Add Chrysler 300 2018~ into vehicle list Add Chrysler 300C 2018~ into vehicle list Add Chrysler Pacifica 2016~ into vehicle list 5. Improving Cadillac vehicle list Add Cadillac ATS 2015~2019 into vehicle list Add Cadillac XT4 2018-2020 into vehicle list Add Cadillac XT5 2016-2020 into vehicle list Add Cadillac XT6 2019-2020 into vehicle list 6. Improving Fiat vehicle list Add Fiat 500X 2014~ into vehicle list Add Fiat Ducato 2010~ into vehicle list Add Fiat Panda 2012~ into vehicle list 7. Improving Opel vehicle list Add Opel Insignia 2017~ into vehicle list Add Opel Meriva 2017~ into vehicle list Add Opel Movano 2021~ into vehicle list 8.Add Kale/Viro/Iseo/Sargent into Standard list 9.Add 60613pcs Yale Code 10.Add 50pcs Weather Guard Code   How to calibrate S1 jaw (4-way jaw)   Service: 1.Any inquiries will be replied within 24 hours; 2.Five-star after-sales and technical support; 3.Professional manufacturer,Welcome to visit our factory in Hunan; 4.Have CE certificate; 5.Lifelong free software upgrades,almost 2-4 times per year; 6.The machine warranty is 24 months from the purchased data from manufacturer.     Notice: Below situations that Alpha needs to connect with internet: 1.Registration( A. After clear app data and cache; B. After re-install software); 2.Upgrade; 3.Progression; 4.Upload SerialLog.