SEC-M10 Manual Key Duplicate Machine

M10 manual duplicator is a flat milling manual machine, it can cut almost all standard keys with the four-way jaw.



1. Size: 325mm x 245mm (12.75” x 9.75“), compact design.
2. Single-cast body for strength and precision cut after cut. 
3. Four-way jaws to grip an optimum amount of different keys.
4. Extra space between jaws (102mm / 4″)to make room for the largest keys.
5. High-speed steel cutter is sharp and durable.
6. Super silent cutting without vibration, due to the split structure cutter spindle/motor design.
7. Screw-feed structure X axis moves more delicately as it cuts keys smoothly.
8. Powerful 24v DC motor and power supply to ensure smooth and accurate cuts every time.
Parts Schematic
M10 - Parts Schematic

M10 - Dimension


Power Supply DC24V/5A Dimensions 325x245x220mm
Max Power 120W Weight 6.3KG
Spindle Speed 3800rpm Error Scope 0.005mm
Jaws Four-way jaw Operating Temperature Range 0-60℃
Jaws Spacer 140mm Operating Humidity Range 10-90%

Core Selling Point:

M10 -Feature-Four way clamps-1

Four-way Jaw(B,C Side)

M10 -Feature-Four way clamps-2

Four-way Jaw(A,D Side)

M10 -Feature-Four way clamps-3

Case: Schlage Key Holding in M10 Jaw

M10 -Feature-Four way clamps-4

M10 -Ferature-Wide Center Distance

Wide Distance Between Two Jaws

Details Display

Lock Knob for Tracer
Vernier Knob for Tracer
M10 Details Display (1)
M10 Details Display (2) High-Speed Steel Cutter
Sharp and Durable
Durable Power Switch M10 Details Display (3)
M10 Details Display (4) Light Weight
easy to carry
Pressure Casting Logo M10 Details Display (5)
M10 Details Display (6) Powerful DC24V Motor
Screw-feeding Structure X Axis M10 Details Display (7)
M10+car key adaptor
Support to match car power adapter to 
convert 12V to 24V
Light Weight and small footprint are 
essential for mobile Vans/Auto

Standard package

M10 Standard Package

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