Full Automatic Locksmith Tools Duplicate Key Cutting Machine

Full Automatic Locksmith Tools Duplicate Key Cutting Machine Specification of Alpha duplicate key cutting machine
Power 120W
Voltage DC24V/5A
Dimension 305(W)X 300(H) X 400(D)mm
Weight 16kg
Accuracy XY Axis:0.0025mm Z Axis:0.0025mm
Spindle Speed 12000+Rpm
Temperature Range 0-40°
Humidity Range 10-90%
Usage Auto,Residential,Commercial Keys
  Image of Alpha duplicate key cutting machine   Feature of Alpha duplicate key cutting machine 1.New jaw and cutting system, better compatible with folding keys and smart card small keys, more convenient and versatile; 2.Latest original jaw design, to support to directly cut Volkswagen Audi HU162T key and Toyota& Lexus TOY2 key, no need small jaws; 3.The first automatic key cutting machine that support to check missing teeth of ignition lock for HU162T through teeth numbers of door lock, and vice versa, greatly improving the work efficiency for locksmith; 4.Support to cut automobile,Chinese car,residential,dimple & tubular keys etc. 5.Adopted high-precision ballscrew for X, Y & Z axis,bringing higher repetitive positioning accuracy. 6.Adopted DC brushless motor for Z axis to control cutter directly,bring higher cutting precision and lower noise. 7.Portable for mobile , easy to work outside 8.Equipped with tool box to place decoder, cutter, calibration block etc.     Key jaws of Alpha duplicate key cutting machine S1 jaw (standard package) —4-way jaw — Support to cut laser & standard car keys & dimple keys (Mul-T-Lock) , NO need extra small jaws;   S2 single standard jaw (optional jaw)  —Support to cut single side keys,including: Schlage,Absa,Chubb,Kwikset etc. ; S3 tubular jaw (optional jaw) —Support to cut tubular keys,including:Beaver,Chicago,Sentry,R.O.C. etc. ; S4 FO21 Tibbe jaw (optional jaw) —Support to cut Ford 6cuts & jaguar 8cuts tibbe keys; S5 engraving jaw (optional jaw) —Engraving function for letter & numeral & character & pattern. S6 SX9 jaw (optional jaw) —Support to cut Citron keys   Feature of software 1.  7 inch industrial-grade display screen,runs smoothly 2. Support to directly cut a key by key code 3. Available Progression Function 4. Support to cut a new key when the original key is lost 5. Data search, including key blank search and IC Card search 6. Support to record key cutting history 7. Support to create key profile 8. Upgrade by WiFi or U disk 9. No battery, More safety 10. Support to duplicate keys without key data in database.   Please attention: 1. Strike,heavy and sharp things may demage the display screen; 2. Decoder is consumable item,easy to damage; 3. Don’t throw or strike decoder casually; 4. KUKAI is not responsible for decoder damaged in any cases.   HOW TO CUT Honda Accord new key by Alpha duplicate key cutting machine

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