KUKAI NEW ARRIVAL Beta Automatic Key Cutting Machine

KUKAI NEW ARRIVAL   Beta Automatic Key Cutting Machine A small display screen showing the machine working status Working with APP(supporting Android and iOS) Connecting APP with machine by Bluetooth More stable and quicker upgrade Technical Parameter
 Voltage  DC12V/12.5A
 Power  150W
 Dimension  270(W) x 300(H) x 370(D) mm
 Weight  14kg
 Theoretical Accuracy  XY Axis : 0.005mm Z Axis: 0.0025mm
 Spindle Speed  12000+rpm
 Working Temperature Range  0-40°
 Working Humidity Range  10-90%
 Usage To cut automobile keys residential keys motorcycle keys dimple keys tubular keys FO21 Tibbe keys
  Feature of Beta key cutting machine A. 14kg can be carried by one hand,lighter and easier to move      Pressed handle hidden in machine,more beautiful and more portable B. LED under spindle moves with the working area,,more flexible and humanization      Equipped with both decoder and cutter      Quick and easy duplication is available C. Optional 12V car cigarette power cord connects machine with vehicle cigar jack for mobile locksmith,more portable D. Equipped with tool box to place decoders,cutters,calibration blocks and key blanks etc. E. High power brushless DC motor controls the cutter directly,bringing higher output torque,more powerful cutting,less noise and longer lifetime F. KUKAI Beta is for overseas market with 12 different language for your option, including Czech, Turkish, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, French, German etc.   Software of Beta key cutting machine 1. Support to cut various keys,including: Automobile keys,Motorcycle keys,Chinese car keys,Residential keys,Dimple keys,Tubular keys etc. 2. S1 jaw(4-way jaw) cuts standard & laser car keys and dimple keys (optional dimple decoder and cutter). AB side for laser keys, B side for dimple keys (Mul-T-Lock keys) CD side for standard keys A part of car key brand list of KUKAI Beta key cutting machine
 Brand  Type
 Ford  Ranger
 Honda  Civic
 Buick  Excelle[8]
 Jaguar  420G
 Audi  A1
 Volkswagen  411
 Fiat  500
 Kia  Amanti
 Toyota  Camry
3. Key code search supported Can directly input the key code to find biting number for cutting in the machine 4. Key photographing supported Assisting reading key bitting number by camera 5. key progression supported 6.Support to duplicate keys without key data in database Including: single standard, double standard, single external groove, double external groove, internal groove,tubular keys etc. 7. Support to cut a new key when lost the original keys 8. support to custom keys by yourself Including:single standard, double standard, single external groove, double external groove, internal groove,dimple keys and tubular keys etc.   Standard package 1 x S1 jaw——Fixing standard keys,laser keys and dimple keys,Mul-T-Lock keys (dimple cutter and decoder is optional) 1 x 1.5mm Cutter——Cutting standard keys and some laser keys(HU162T,HU198T etc.) 1 x 2.0mm Cutter——Cutting most laser keys 2 x 45° Decoder——Key decoding tool 1 x Calibration Block——Calibrating jaw 1 x Stopper——Guiding key reference position 2 x M3 Screw——Fixing keys on side C/D of S1 jaw 2 x M5 *10 Sharp Screw——Fixing key jaws on machine 2 x M5 Screw——Fixing cutter and decoder 1 x 1.5mm L-wrench——Tightening M3 bolt 1 x 2.5mm T-wrench——Tightening M5 bolt 1 x 12V Adaptor with Power Cord——Power supply input 100~240V 50/60 Hz 2A;output 24V 5A 1 x USB Cable for Upgrade——machine upgrade 1 x Brush 1 x Shield Standard Package Packaging Details: Standard Shrinking Package Size: 52cm*37cm*46cm (The products will have been strictly Quality Checked in warehouse before packing, including testing the machine and checking accessory quantity;The products will be well packed before shipping.) Gross weight: 21KG Delivery Details: Within 2 working days after the payment by DHL ,UPS,TNT,Fedex,EMS or your designated forwarder.   KUKAI Beta update information(2021.8.26) Software version up to: V37 Database version: 16.43    Newly added key data includes: 1. Improving vehicle list for Ford 2. Adding new data and code series for HU198T(IC card 1472) 3. Improving vehicle list for Geely (Chinese car)  4. Improving vehicle list for Basic (Chinese car) 5. Improving vehicle list for Great Wall(Chinese car)  6. Improving vehicle list for JAC(Chinese car)  7. Improving vehicle list for Chery(Chinese car)  8. Improving vehicle list for LiFan(Chinese car)  9. Improving vehicle list for Brilliance Auto(Chinese car)   KUKAI key cutting machine accessories KUKAI SEC-E9 vs Alpha vs Beta key cutting machine   Other jaws for Beta key cutting machine Optional jaws for your choice S2 Single Sided Key Jaw (Cut single standard keys) S3 Tubular Key Jaw (Cut tubular keys) S4 Ford/Jaguar Tibbe Key Jaw ( Ford 6-cut & Jaguar 8-cut)   KUKAI key cutting machine key jaws KUKAI SEC-E9 vs Alpha vs Beta key cutting machine How to download and use APP of Beta key cutting machine (If have any question, please contact with us freely WhatsApp: +86 158 7496 6145 Email: vip@kkkcut.com)   How to calibrate S1 Four-way jaw on Beta key cutting machine

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