KUKAI SEC-E9 Automatic Key Cutting Machine ( Generation 4)

 Arrival KUKAI SEC-E9 Automatic Key Cutting Machine KUKAI SEC-E9 is all-in-one key cutting machine which can be easily operated by users steadily thanks to the state-of-art technique. It combines the mechanical and electronic precision to guarantee unique key cutting performances and quality.   


  • KUKAI Sec e9 is for overseas market with 13 different language for your option.
  • Locksmith apprenticesLocksmith specialists, auto repair shop, hardware store, 4S stores etc.
  • To cut various of keys for carsmotorcycles and doors.

Android version sec e9 key machine

We are glad to inform you that our Android version KUKAI SEC-E9 key cutting machine will be available on January 7th.   How about the Android version KUKAI SEC-E9? 1.Industrial-grade dedicated display screen, longer lifetime, 12 months warranty; 2.Android system runs smoothly and refuse automatical system upgrade; 3.One-button start, Faster boot speed; 4.No battery, More safety; 5.USB connection, More stable signal transmission; 6.Embedded display screen, NO worries about stolen; 7.Massive key data, Simpler key cutting; 8.Simpler interface, Clear layer distribution, Easy to use; 9.Classic color, Exquisite Appearance. 10.  KUKAI SEC-E9 is for overseas market with 13 different language for your option, including Czech, Turkish, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, French, English, Persian, German, Portuguese, Italian (standard), Russian, Polish ( Poland) etc.

KUKAI SEC-E9 Feature of Software?

1.Support to cut a new key when original key is lost;

2.Can directly cut a key by key code;

3.Support to cut various types of keys, including flat milling and vertical milling (internal and external);

4.Automatic key measurement

5.Support to cut automobile keys, dimple keys, tubular keys, and single-sided domestic keys.

6.Upgrade by wifi and usb


KUKAI SEC-E9 Feature of Hardware

1.Equipped with both decoder and cutter.Decoding and cutting can be done at one time;

2.Spindle driven by two spindle belts; High power 27W DC motor with 24V DC

3.Ball screw to drive Z axis makes cutting powerful and in high precision;

4.Cross roller guided XY axis makes machine more stable and accurate;

5.One automobile key clamp supports to cut both standard keys and laser keys;

6.Replaceable clamp can be changed according to the key types;

7.Wide and bright LED light brings easily operation at night;

8.Light weight, small size, portable for mobile , easy to work outside

9.The power adaptor for SEC-E9 should be 24V and 5A


Comparison sheet for KUKAI SEC-E9 Generation Ⅰ---Generation Ⅳ

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Eight types car key jaws

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Standard package

1 x Car key jaw--Fixing standard keys,laser keys 2 x Cutters--Key cutting tool 2 x Decoder--Key decoding tool 1 x T-wrench--Tool replacement 2 x M5 bolt--Fixing cutter and decoder 1 x Stopper--Guiding key reference position 1 x Stopper(Right-to-left)——Guiding key reference position 1 x Auxiliary jaw set——Assisting to fix keys(use it when cut standard keys) 1 x SN-CP-JJ-12 HU66 jaw——Auxiliary jaw(supporting to cut HU66 like Volkswagen,Audi) 1 x Calibration block--Calibrating jaw 2 x spindle belt 1 x 24v Adaptor with power cord--Power supply input 100~240V 50/60 Hz 2A;output 24V 5A 1 x Brush 1 x Product manual   Standard Package Packaging Details: Standard Shrinking Package Size: 50x37x49cm (The products will have been strictly Quality Checked in warehouse before packing, including testing the machine and checking accessory quantity; The products will be well packed before shipping.) Delivery Details: Within 1-3 working days after the payment by DHL ,UPS,TNT,Fedex,EMS or your designated forwarder. Comparison sheet for KUKAI SEC-E9 VS Alpha Pro Beta key cutting machine   Accessories & Key jaws of KUKAI SEC-E9 & Alpha & Beta key cutting machine  



1.Any inquiries will be replied within 24 hours;
2.Professional manufacturer,Welcome to visit our factory in Hunan;
3.OEM/ODM available;
4.Have CE certificate;
5.Lifelong free software upgrades,almost 2-4 times per year.
Below situations that SEC-E9 needs to connect with internet: 1.Registration( A. After clear app data and cache; B. After re-install software); 2.Upgrade; 3.TeamViewer(EB or EU version only).

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